Updating a project

Fully updating a project

Open your project in WinHTTrack / WebHTTrack and ensure that the Action is set to Update existing download.


Update using the command line

Execute HTTrack from your project's folder with httrack --update

This will make HTTrack parse the project's hts-cache/doit.log file which contains all necessary parameters/options.

You can also copy the first line from hts-cache/doit.log to use as the execution command complete with all project options. This is most suitable for scheduled or batch updates.

Partially updating a project



It is taking a long time to start, or complete, an update
HTTrack first has to rebuild the site structure from the project's cache. This process should be quick but can take some time, particularly on very large projects.

Then update requests are sent to the remote server. When modifications are detected, new files are transferred to replace previous ones, and the structure is rebuilt to match. Update requests are faster than regular requests and therefore this process is generally much faster than the first download.

Note that some servers are sometimes unable to respond properly to update requests and always re-send data, spending more bandwidth than necessary. Unfortunately it is impossible to avoid that.

Advanced information: Mechanics of updating

Some files have been deleted after an update!
To keep files, use the option Build > Do not purge old files. If the file disappears remotely, it is kept and still linked to other pages.

Note: this feature is improved since version 3.40-beta

Is it possible to not overwrite files that have changed when doing a site update?
No, because HTTrack needs to rewrite all embedded links in HTML pages, as the site's structure might have changed (due to structural changes, or modified options).

How do I update a mirror if the source URL has changed slightly?
You can't. HTTrack will redownload everything by default, and anyway the server would probably give new content if HTTrack would patch the URLs before executing the update process.

I'm running ASP websites on localhost and mirroring them with HTTtrack. When I make changes they are not being updated
Try to uncheck the Spider > Update hack option. If the files are still not updated, check your server's settings (and the HTTrack traces, by enabling Experts only > Activate debugging mode).