Make an index (inside a project)

WinHTTrack: Options > Log, index, cache > Make an index
Commandline: -I or --index

Creates a file called "index.html" inside your project's folder (or the folder written in path option -O).

For example, if your project is located at "C:\My Web Sites\Website1" then an index will be created as "C:\My Web Sites\Website1\index.html"

This option is on by default, so this index will be created on every mirror, unless you use -I0 or untick the option in WinHTTrack settings (or is it off by default in WinHTTrack?).

If it happens that your project has an starting page also called "index.html", it will be renamed to "index-2.html", automatically. When viewed in a browser, "index.html" will redirect to "index-2.html" (the real starting page).

Build top index (of all projects)

WinHTTrack: ?
Commandline: -%i or --build-top-index

Creates a file called "index.html" located in the upper folder that contains your project. Every time this file is created again, HTTrack looks for any new, modified or deleted mirrors and updates the index accordingly. It also looks for any new or deleted "top index" inside any folder.

For example, if your projects are stored in "C:\My Web Sites\" then an index will be created as "C:\My Web Sites\index.html" and contains links to your projects.

If you need an index with 'sub-levels', you may wish to create top indexes inside subfolders: group your projects of similar information inside a common subfolder and create a top index for them (let's say inside "C:\My Web Sites\Shoes\", "C:\My Web Sites\Boots\", and so on). All you have to do now is running a project inside "C:\My Web Sites\" and will have a top index linking to all other top indexes.

The option should be on by default. Ensure use with -%i or disable with -%i0

Advanced: Searchable index

WinHTTrack: Options > Log, index, cache > Make a word database
Commandline: -%I or --search-index

For advanced users. Creates a basic word database "htsindex.txt" containing ASCII-only tokens (no Unicode at this stage).